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Use any one or several of these SPA APPETIZERS to customize a service or package.

“A Tasty Temptation to a Total Body Experience!”

Elbow Treatment
To Eliminate rough, dark, dry, scaly elbows and replace them with a smooth refined look.
Spot Retexturizing Treatment
To Smooth, soften, relieve tension and revitalize the hands or feet.
Eye Treatment
This cooling treatment smooths and de-puffs the eye area as it hydrates.
Scalp Massage
Great for relaxing, relieving stress and migraine headaches.
Excellent before a massage or facial to relax and loosen.
Hand Treatment
A moisturizing hand treatment with natural heat enhancing mittens.
Hydrating Foot Treatment
Receive a deep penetrating foot cream wrapped in heated booties to help relieve dry, cracked feet.
Foot Reflexology
Rejuvenate your feet with specialized massage attention.
OPI Gel Nails
Shine intense shades cure in 30 sec. and lasts for weeks. From deep and edgy, sheer to shimmer - we've got your color.
OPI Gel Nails
Added to a Manicure
OPI Gel Nails
Touch ups (2 weeks)
"Wipe Out" Waxing
Waxing removes unwanted body hair from the follicle, after which a soothing product calms and quiets the area. You may also choose an application of a product that will actually inhibit the regrowth process.
Indulge your spirit for 15 minutes and up. Ask your spa technician for details.
"Stand Tough" Pedicure$42
This exclusive pedicure helps relieve the stress of your tired feet. An invigorating calf and foot massage will stimulate circulation
the will bring him a new-found energy.
Indulge your spirit for 45 minutes
"Slam Dunk" Manicure$28
This manicure is perfect for those overworked hands. An invigorating soak followed by a scrub, a tension releasing massage and
buff will leave any man's hands ready for action.
Indulge your spirit for 30 minutes
"Get Your Game On" Facial$60
A facial geared to perfect his skin before and after shaving. Includes Deep Enzyme Cleanser, Polishing Scrub and Steam Treatment
topped off with a face, neck and shoulder massage.
"Just Do It" 60 minutes
"Don't Lift a Hand" Manicure$35
Aromatic gentle beads buff away rough, dry skin. The finale is a shoulder massage, a paraffin dip, moisture masque, buff and polish. This manicure will transform your hands from the ordinary to the extraordinary. French Manicure $5 extra.
Indulge your spirit for 45 minutes
"On The Other Hand" Manicure$28
A cuticle softening treatment followed by an aromatic moisture rich hand and arm massage, buff and poilsh. French Manicure $5 extra.
Indulge your spirit for 30 minutes
A "Soleful" Experience Pedicure$70
It's a Pedicure but you will be pampered from head to toe. Relax with a heated neck and shoulder wrap, while a personalized arm and hand treatment transfers your skin in cashmere. All this while a sea salt bath detoxifies, a moisture rich shea butter exfoliation smooths and hot stones infuse custom blended vitamin E and jojoba oils into your legs and feet.
Indulge your spirit for 75 minutes
"Walk in the Clouds" Pedicure$50
You've had pedicures before, but have your walked in the clouds? Soak your worn out footsies in warm aromatic water that will sooth all of your senses. Your feet will be revived with an invigorating scrub followed with a custom mask wrapped in steamy towels. Ultra indulgent oils will be used while we pamper you with a foot and leg massage. Discover how easily bliss travels from your feet to your spirit.
Indulge your spirit for 60 minutes
"Knock Your Socks Off" Pedicure$44
Take your socks off and put your feet in our hands. Bathe your feet in our hydro-tub infused with essential oils to calm and soothe your tired soles. Bathe, smooth, moisturize and polish and your "soles" are good to go.
Indulge your spirit for 45 minutes
Premier Power of Touch Massage$85
A total body massage designed to relieve stress and soothe achy muscles leaving you feeling refreshed, renewed, and enlightened.
Indulge your spirit for 90 minutes
Power of Touch Massage$65
A total body massage designed to relieve stress and soothe achy muscles leaving you feeling refreshed, renewed, and enlightened.
Indulge your spirit for 60 minutes
Bullseye Massage$38
This massage is meant to target a specific part of your body. Ideal for a problem area. This is also a wonderful way to introduce someone to the benefits and relaxation of a massage.
Indulge your spirit for 30 minutes
Rock Your Soul Massage$90
Using the warmth of heated rocks to penetrate deep into your muscles. This massage will take away all your aches and pains leaving you feeling relaxed and stress free.
Indulge your spirit for 90 minutes
Mommy Knows Best Massage$60
Pamper yourself and your baby. This massage relieves leg cramps, backaches, tight muscles, and stress associated with pregnancy. Great for circulation and body relaxation. Wonderful for mom-to-be and baby.
Indulge your spirit for 60 minutes
Muscle Meltdown Massage$75
Using slow strokes and deep finger pressure this massage was designed to increase flexibility. It helps to reduce muscle tension and works to eliminate soreness.
Indulge your spirit for 60 minutes
"It's Addictive" Facial$65
Indulge in an innovative and sensory skin care experience personalized to your individual skin type. You'll experience a custom
blended deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and massage of the face, neck and shoulders, followed by a therapeutic mask and serum
designed to correct specific problems. Merge immaculately clean, smooth and glowing.
Indulge your spirit for 60 minutes
"A Breath of Fresh Air" Oxygen Facial$65
Breathe new life into your complexion with the high-performance cosmeceutical treatment the carries active ingredients deep into your skin via oxygen molecule accelerating their effects. The immediate visible benefits you'll enjoy include softer, smoother skin that feels cleaner and fresher than ever. This is the perfect treatment for resistive skin that is sluggish, clogged or prematurely aging.
Indulge your spirit for 60 minutes
"Calmitude" Sensitive/Rosacea Facial$70
Treat your skin to a gentle skin renewing facial that will deep cleanse, exfoliate and nourish with an ultra-soothing mask customized for your unique sensitivities. Emerge feeling serene and relaxed, with skin that's balanced, glowing and healthy looking.
Indulge your spirit for 60 minutes
"Feeling Fresh" Acne Clearing Facial$80
This clinical facial included a deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and medical amino mask. The enzymes, antioxidants, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ingredients focus on the removal and healing of non-inflamed acne (clogged pores/blackheads) and inflamed acne (papules and pustules). This is an effective treatment in your continuing fight against acne.
Indulge your spirit for 60 minutes
"Fountain of Youth" Flaxx-C Anti-Aging Facial$70
This breakthrough treatment includes a thorough cleansing followed by our exclusive layered exfoliation process, energizing massage and ultra-tightening mask. It's designed to restore firmness to sagging skin as it lifts, tightens and smooths for instantly firmer, more resilient skin.
Indulge your spirit for 60 minutes
"Feeling Fresh" Facial
(6 weekly treatments)
"Face Lift" Facial
(series of 4 treatments)
"It's Addictive" Facial
(series of 6 treatments)
The Power of Touch Massage
(series of 4 treatments)
Light Therapy
(series of 6 treatments)
Taste of Heaven!!$155
It's Addictive Facial, the Power of Touch massage, Walk in the Clouds Pedicure.
Indulge your spirit for 3 1/2 hours
The Perfect Touch!$130
It's Addictive Facial, Bullseye Massage, Sauna Treatment, Don't Lift A Hand Manicure.
Indulge your spirit for 2 3/4 hours
Before Pampers, Pamper Yourself!$98
Mommy Knows Best Massage, Walk in the Clouds Pedicure!
Indulge your spirit for 2/12 hours
"Dreamy Duo"$76
Don't Lift a Hand Manicure, Walk in the Clouds Pedicure!
Indulge your spirit for 1 3/4 hours
Massage for Two!$145
Power of Touch, Heads Up Scalp Massage.
Indulge your spirit for 75 minutes
Diamond in the Rough$80
Out with the Old, In with the New, Treasures of the Sea.
Indulge your spirit for 90 minutes
Genie in a Bottle$75
It's a Breeze Facial, Basic Manicure, Basic Pedicure. (ages 12-16)
Indulge your spirit for 2 hours
Spa Waxing
Full Face Wax$30
Eye Treatment$10
Lip Treatment$15
Delollete Mask$15
Lactic or Glycolic Peel$15+
Essential Oil$5
Hand Treatment$15
Elbow Treatment$15
Foot Reflexology$15
Scalp Massage$15
Shoulder Massage$20
Hot Stone Add On$20
Therapeutic Add On$10

More than two?

Ask about our relaxation suite and pedicure party room.